Ever Given sails again after 100 days held by Suez Canal authorities

After more than 3 months in detention, the mega-ship Ever Given has resumed navigation after the owners of the ship have signed a compensation agreement with the Egyptian authorities. The signing of the agreement puts an end to the odyssey of the mega-ship that for almost a week blocked traffic on one of the main arteries of world maritime transport.

The disagreement about the compensation requested by the Egyptian authorities kept the ship detained in the middle of the Suez Canal, with 20,000 containers being held together with the crew.

At first, the Suez Canal Authority claimed from the company that owns Ever Given, the Japanese Shoei Kisen, about 755 million euros. Subsequently, the Egyptian side reduced the amount to about 500 million and then to 465 million. The initial estimate of losses and damages of the entity was around 13 million euros per day.

Despite the threat posed to global trade by the blockade of the Suez Canal, maritime transport ended up navigating better than expected, registering 8.8% more revenue in the first half of 2021 compared to last year, until reaching 2,500 million euros.

Finally, as part of its plan to develop its infrastructure and improve its capabilities as a result of the incident, the Suez Canal Authority has acquired new dredgers and tugboats, and began to extend 10 km of the part of the road that was partially unfolded in 2015 They also plan to widen the southern section of the canal by about 40 meters and deepen by about six, where the mega-ship was stranded.


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