Armón delivers the Blue Eagle tanker to the Mexican company Durandco: "It is the most advanced ship in the sector"

Arnón presented the Blue Eagle, the large ship commissioned by the Mexicans from Durandco for its oil sector. The meeting brought together multiple personalities from the port and commercial sector of Asturias in the shipyards.

Along with them, more than fifty members and relatives of Durandco along with their owners, Alfredo and Juan Reynoso. "We are very happy, it is the most cutting-edge boat in the sector, the most advanced and also respectful with the environment."

The manufacture of the Blue Eagle required more than 4,612 tons of steel, 45,000 meters of pipe and 375 km of electrical wiring. The vessel is equipped to service high pressure and high temperature wells, store and discharge oil. Among its common areas, it has a heliport, kitchen, lounge area and meeting rooms.

Its dimensions are as follows: 32 meters high, 106 meters long and 25 meters wide, and it weighs 10,406 tons. During its construction, 2,000 direct jobs were generated in Asturias.

The president of the Durandco Group, Juan Reynoso, was very satisfied to have the most modern ship in the Gulf of Mexico and the most technologically advanced of those that provide services to Petróleos Mexicanos.

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