OSIL Oil Spill Buoys protecting Desalinisation Plants

Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) have manufactured a large number of oil spill buoy systems that are now installed in multiple locations to protect the water intake systems of desalinisation plants.

If hydrocarbons enter a desalinisation plant’s intakes the filters are rendered ineffective, and it can lead to the closure of the entire plant while the complete filter stack is washed. The lengthy and costly cleaning process also causes additional complications related to the disposal of the wastewater.

The OSIL buoys provide an early warning system for the presence of hydrocarbons, providing data and alarms from the installed sensors directly to internet-enabled devices. Alerts to issues with data collection, battery charging, etc. can also be incorporated into the notifications. These alarms ensure that preventative measures such as the deployment of oil containment booms, or the shut-down of the abstraction pumps, can be implemented in a timely manner, preventing negative impacts on the facility.

The optical oil spill monitoring systems can be networked together to cover multiple locations, and can detect a variety of hydrocarbon-based substances, even under harsh weather conditions. The buoy systems can also be equipped with additional sensors (for water quality parameters, current monitoring, meteorological conditions, etc.).


News and image obtained: "Marine Technology News"



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