They manage to free the ship Ever Given that was blocking the Suez Canal

After six days stranded in the Suez Canal, the gigantic container ship Ever Given was released last morning, which suggests that this strategic seaway may be reopened shortly.

As announced by the president of the Egyptian authority that manages the canal, Admiral Osama Rabie, the Panamanian-flagged ship has been successfully refloated, in what he described as a heroic feat, by bearing fruit in the push and towing maneuvers that led to the restoration. 80% of the ship´s direction.

However, the refloating of this 400-meter-long, 220,000-ton ship has not yet been completed and work will continue on Monday. The ship was stranded diagonally last Tuesday, March 23, with the bow stranded on the eastern bank of the channel and the stern very close to the western one. At first, a sandstorm was pointed out as the main cause, although later it was clarified that there were also huma

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