World´s first zero-emission electric tanker launches in Japan

Asahi, as the new ship is called, will enter service in Tokyo Bay as a tanker in March next year.

It is powered by a giant lithium-ion battery, achieving zero emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx and particles, thus reducing the environmental impact. Noise and vibrations are also reduced, resulting in a more comfortable working climate for the crew and reducing noise pollution in and around the bay.

On the other hand, the ship will make the energy from its batteries available to emergency services in the event of a natural disaster in Tokyo.


Dimensions: length 62m / width 10.30m / draft 4.15m

Cargo: Oil

Gross tonnage: 499 tons

Speed: 10 knots

Battery capacity: 3,480 KWh


The second vessel is scheduled to be completed in March 2023.


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