The Port of Barcelona turns to help those who need it most

This will be the 18th edition of the Solidarity Container, which every year collects food for people in vulnerable situations.
The eighteenth edition of the Solidarity Container organized by the Port of Barcelona has begun with the aim of helping people in vulnerable situations. The inflation and the increase in the prices of many basic foodstuffs experienced this year makes the launch of this solidarity campaign especially important.

The Port of Barcelona Solidarity Container´s mission is to collect food for the Banc dels Aliments in order to help people in vulnerable situations. The food is distributed among different non-profit organizations that are responsible for delivering it to people in need. This year´s campaign is once again in online format through a dedicated space on the Port of Barcelona and Banc dels Aliments websites, where contributions can be made until January 6, 2024, thus improving stock management and food quality.


The president of the Port of Barcelona, Lluís Salvadó, has encouraged the companies of the Port Community to participate in this solidarity action as they have done in the last 17 years and "which has taken full root in the Port Community of Barcelona. We are very proud of this initiative that highlights the generosity and social commitment of the people, companies and institutions of our port".

Last year the Solidarity Container of the Port of Barcelona collected 3,762 €, equivalent to 3,762 kg. of food, among the companies of the Port Community to distribute it to people in precarious food situations.

Contributions to the Solidarity Container can be made through this link and QR code: https://gestorcrm. recaudas/contenedor-solidario


News and image obtained: "Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria"



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