IMO welcomes the WHO prioritization of vaccines for seafarers

Kitack Lim said: "I am pleased to see that WHO recognizes the importance of vaccinating seafarers on cargo ships. These people are responsible for transporting more than 80% of goods worldwide, including food. , drugs and vaccines, and have continued to do so despite extremely difficult circumstances. "

The SAGE guidelines are intended to provide program guidance as well as specific recommendations for vaccines. It consists of three steps:

1 - Framework of values.

2- SAGE roadmap for the establishment of priorities in the use of vaccines against COVID-19.

3- Specific recommendations for vaccines.

The vaccine prioritization roadmap considers priority populations for vaccination based on the epidemiological setting and vaccine supply scenarios, and can be used by countries to shape their response against COVID-19.

With all this, the IMO has made a series of calls for priority vaccination of seafarers. It includes the issuance of a joint statement with other UN organizations, requesting that seafarers have priority in vaccination. In May, the IMO adopted a resolution encouraging priority vaccination of seafarers in national vaccination programs.

With all this, the aim is to get seafarers to be considered as key workers and to support a fair global distribution of vaccines.


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