Inditex partners with Maersk to reduce its maritime transport emissions

Inditex, parent company of fashion brands such as Zara and Massimo Dutti, has partnered with cargo group Maersk to reduce its global greenhouse gas (GE) footprint.

Now, for its maritime transport, alternative fuels will be incorporated into all the company´s routes.

Through the ECO Delivery Ocean program, the maritime transport company replaces fossil fuels in its ships with green fuels such as green methanol.

They also use second generation biodiesel based on waste raw materials.

This is expected to result in an estimated reduction of more than 80% in GHG emissions compared to conventional sources.

Inditex has the goal of becoming a net zero company in all business areas by 2040.

The Marsk company shares the same climate interest.


News and image obtained: "The Logistics World"


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