IMO launches website on bunker fuels and future technologies in shipping

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) launched on 2 April a website that provides up-to-date data and information on zero and near-zero carbon fuels and propulsion technologies. The website has been developed by theFuture Fuels and Technology (FFT) project sponsored by the IMO and South Korea.

On the site you can find:

  • Up-to-date data on alternative fuels and their supply and on the IMO Data Collection System (DCS).
  • Information on the readiness, scalability and sustainability of new fuels and technologies, including fuel price forecasts and R&D projects.
  • A selection of news, information resources (including reports and journal articles) and information on IMO events related to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in international shipping.
  • Useful reports and tools on alternative fuels, energy efficiency technologies and other GHG reduction measures.

The information on this website comes from a multitude of sources related to the maritime port sector and data providers who have joined the initiative in its early stages. IMO invites other potential stakeholders to join this collaboration.


News and image obtained: "Asociación de navieros españoles"

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