Maersk considers resuming vessel transit through the Red Sea

Maersk announced that it plans to restart transits through the Red Sea after suspending operations there earlier this month following the attack suffered by its vessel "Maersk Gibraltar" In fact it would have already begun preparations to allow ships to resume sailing eastbound and westbound from the Red Sea to the Suez Canal and vice versa, reports WSJ.

"We are working on plans for the first vessels to transit and for this to happen as soon as operationally possible," the shipping line said in a customer advisory, which also cautioned that its plans, however, were subject to change.

Industry executives said on Dec. 24 that the return to the Red Sea would be gradual and that a massive return of ships to the Red Sea is not expected before the new year.

Deployment of naval forces

Houthi rebels in Yemen have attacked merchant ships transiting the Red Sea, increasing costs for shipping and raising concerns about the stability of international trade through the Suez Canal. This prompted the U.S. and allied countries to deploy warships to deter further attacks.

Maersk cited the so-called "Operation Prosperity Guardian" as a rationale for thinking about resuming container carrier transit through the region.

The shipping line, which has been diverting dozens of vessels around the Cape of Good Hope, said it will be updating this information over the next few days.


News and image obtained: "Mundo Marítimo"


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