TMC announces strategic changes with a renewed image

TMC, a leading Canarian company in maritime freight transport, announces a change in corporate identity and a series of strategic challenges that will mark a new stage in its business career.

TMC´s new image is more than just a visual transformation. It is a symbol of a renewed project and a reinforced commitment to its fundamental values. As a Canarian company, the colors of the new identity pay tribute to the Canarian flag, connecting with its roots and reflecting the pride of being a 100% Canarian company.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art fleet in temperature-controlled transportation and its extensive experience in the sector, TMC has established itself as the leading company in the transportation of goods at all temperatures.

TMC´s constant growth has allowed it to expand its operations and improve the quality of its services. Along these lines, TMC has moved the Santa Cruz de Tenerife office and Madrid warehouse to a more strategic location. But this is not all, the company is in the process of expansion in the Iberian Peninsula, with the opening of new facilities in Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante, in addition to the existing ones in Madrid and Seville. These strategic locations will allow TMC to further optimize its operations and offer more agile and efficient logistics solutions for its clients.

Furthermore, the company will continue to be the ideal partner for banana producers on the islands, thanks to its state-of-the-art fleet and its highly qualified team, ensuring that Canarian banana production reaches the peninsula in optimal temperature and humidity conditions. , preserving its freshness and flavor.

"This is a crucial moment for TMC. Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has led us to this renewal, which reflects our passion for offering cutting-edge logistics services between the Canary Islands and the Peninsula. TMC´s new image will be implemented gradually in all aspects of the company, including communications, fleet of vehicles and presence in new delegations. We are excited for this new stage and for the opportunities that are to come," commented Jesús Morales, General Director of TMC.

This is an exciting time in TMC´s history. Its new brand and strategic changes mark the beginning of a new era for the company.


News and image obtained: "El Periódico"


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