A company from Malaga creates the first underwater cleaning robot for ship hulls.

The impact of ships in the marine environment gives rise to numerous reflections and, from them, ´Hull Hero Rov´ was born, a pioneering underwater cleaning robot in the world that has a firm from Malaga and that this Thursday was presented in the capital.

This tool cleans the hull of ships, collects the waste it generates and filters it to return completely clean water to the sea, contaminating the environment. After that, the waste is stored on deck until it is collected by an approved company, which issues a responsible management certificate for said material.

This pioneering system in the underwater robotics sector represents "a before and after" in the process of cleaning and preserving the marine environment in which ships move, according to Raúl Expósito, general director of Randal Systems, the Malaga company that manufactures and markets.

News and image obtained from "El Español":



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