Wallenius Wilhelmsen switches to green fuels

The Norwegian logistics operator Wallenius Wilhelmsen has taken a new step in its objectives of decarbonising maritime transport with the signing of four new ships, with the option of an additional eight, all dual propulsion. In Spain, the consignee agent for WW is Bergé.

The new generation of ships powered by methanol and prepared for the use of ammonia-based fuels when this modality is commercially available, constitute the new "Shaper Class" of the Norwegian operator.

The new ships will be built at the Chinese Jinling shipyards in Jiangsu and will transport vehicles and rolling stock, including project cargo. The first units will begin to be delivered during the second half of 2026 and will have a nominal capacity of 9,350 CEUs.

Ships of Wallenius Wilhelmsen

With the new "Shaper Class" the Wallenius Wilhelmsen fleet is renewed and maintains a constant number of ships between 125 and 135 ships with the horizon of reaching neutrality in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by the year 2027.
It can be noted that Wallenius Wilhelmsen´s race towards decarbonisation accelerated at the beginning of the summer, when the shipowner signed an agreement with ExxonMobil for the supply of biofuels for its ships.
The new fuel used by the Wallenius Wilhelmsen fleet is a mixture made up of 30% biofuel and 70% conventional fuel.


News and image obtained: "Diario El Canal"



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