An oil tanker crashes in China, causing an oil spill

The Chinese shipping authorities reported the accident of an oil tanker that caused the spill of a certain amount of oil, according to the Goodwood Ship Management company in a statement.

The collision between an oil tanker and another cargo ship near the Chinese port of Quingdao, on the Yellow Sea, caused the oil spill. The authorities reported that the ship Sea Justice collided with the tanker A Symphony and caused the loss of fuel.

However, the company also specified that all the personnel who were in the place are safe and sound, while the Chinese Maritime Authority alerted the ships not to approach less than 10 nautical miles (18.5 km) from the area where the accident occurred.

Precisely, the incident between the two vessels occurred in an area near the most important oil terminal in the port of Quingdao, a coastal city located in Shandong province in eastern China.
Meanwhile, the authorities also confirmed that cleaning and emergency care work has already begun to be deployed in the affected area. The experts highlighted that visibility in the area is low, which makes the task difficult.

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