Astilleros Murueta christens its fourth diesel-electric propulsion vessel for MAAS

Murueta Shipyards celebrated last March 8th the launching of the multipurpose cargo ship Arteaga NM, which has been built for the Murueta Atlántico Alcudia Shipping (MAAS) pool. The new vessel is the fourth in a series developed by the shipyard´s engineering division in collaboration with the shipowner and is scheduled for delivery in June of this year.

Like the Mundaka NM, the Katuxa NM and the Gernika NM, the previous vessels of that series, the Arteaga NM incorporates an electric diesel propulsion system that combines two main and two auxiliary generators to optimize the propulsion power required at each moment and the fuel consumption, avoiding energy demand peaks. The new vessel has a length of 103.4 m, a beam of 15.6 m, with a cargo capacity of 6,000 t in a hold of 8,050 m3 and a service speed of 13.5 knots. It will also have a crew of 11.

In addition to the four multipurpose vessels built in recent years, Astilleros Murueta has been responsible for other recent projects for Spanish shipowners. These include the Oizmedi (2018), Spain´s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply vessel, for Ibaizabal; the Ibaizabal Quince (2020), Spain´s first LNG-powered harbor tug, also for Ibaizabal; and the Bahía Levante (2022), a diesel-electric hybrid product tanker for bunkering and zero emissions in port, for Mureloil.

The MAAS pool is based in Bilbao (Vizcaya) and has 13 transport vessels for all types of dry cargo, bulk and project cargoes that can operate throughout Europe, North Africa and the Black Sea.


News and image obtained: "Asociación de navieros españoles"



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