CMA CGM resumes selective transits in the Red Sea after detailed assessment

CMA CGM has announced an update on its operations, informing its customers that, following a reassessment of the situation in the southern Red Sea area, it has decided to resume transits in this area on a selective, case-by-case basis from February 28. This decision follows a detailed analysis of the conditions for each vessel prior to its transit, which precludes communicating route choices in advance.

Since February 1, the company had ceased transits through the Red Sea, opting to reroute all its vessels through the Cape of Good Hope, prioritizing the safety of its crew. This action was taken following a failed missile attack by Yemeni Houthi rebels against the container ship Koi, chartered by CMA CGM.

The rerouting via the Cape of Good Hope, instead of the Red Sea and Suez Canal, adds approximately 10 to 14 additional days to each voyage between Asia and Europe/Mediterranean. It is estimated that around 80% of container ships have opted for this alternative route.

On the other hand, the US-led Operation Prosperity Guardian has continued to intercept Houthi attack drones, allegedly targeting merchant shipping. On February 27, attack drones were shot down, and on February 24, a missile targeting the U.S.-flagged tanker Torm Thor missed its target and hit the water.


News and image obtained: "El Estrecho Digital"


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