Oil tanker evacuated in Veracruz due to COVID-19 outbreak

After nine days of being at the anchorage in the port of Coatzacoalcos, at least 12 crew members of the Centenario ship had to be disembarked due to a Covid-19 outbreak.

The ship left the Port of Tuxpan on July 6 and arrived at the anchoring area of ​​Coatzacoalcos a day later. Since that date, the ship has been requesting support for the disembarkation of two crew members with respiratory diseases, consisting of covid-19.

In the port of Pajaritos they could not be authorized since the person in charge of the security and surveillance committee was on leave, precisely because of Covid-19.

Finally, the two sick sailors disembarked last Wednesday and on Friday 10 more crew members got off, all of them with the characteristic symptoms of the disease.

The ship remains in quarantine with all its crew, on the anchor line.


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