Suardiaz adds the Asturias car carrier to its fleet to operate on the Atlantic corridor

Suardiaz Shipping Lines has announced the incorporation of the car carrier Asturias to its fleet to operate in the Atlantic corridor, which connects Morocco with Northern Europe. This new acquisition is part of the investment plan that the shipping company is developing in the last five years, which amounts to more than 100 million dollars (about 93 million euros).

For the CEO of Suardiaz Group, Juan Riva, “with the incorporation of the ship Asturias we continue with our plan to renew the fleet and reduce emissions with ships of greater efficiency and capacity to respond to market demand”. It also consolidates the group´s position in the automotive industry market, added Riva.

According to Suardiaz, the incorporation of the new vessel improves the service to historical clients such as Stellantis, Toyota and Renault. Likewise, its large capacity for High & Heavy vehicles and carcasses improves the offer for all customers, as well as freight forwarders and operators, from Northern Europe to North Africa. The Asturias will also offer short sea shipping capacity (SSS) to other shipping lines with connections in the ports of Zeebrugge, Antwerp, Bremerhaven and Southampton, or any other point within the geographical range of this line.

The Asturias, which until now has been sailing under the name Viking Amber, is a Pure Car And Truck Carrier (PCTC) built in 2010 with a length of 162 m, 39,362 GT and a capacity to transport 4,200 CEU (Car Equivalent Units). It thus joins the rest of Suardiaz Shipping Lines´ own and long-term chartered vessels: L´Audace, Bouzas, Suar Vigo, Mosel Ace, Lake Kivu, Friedrich Russ, Napoli and Mistral.

Suardiaz Group, with more than 75 years of history, is a pioneer in the operation of the Motorways of the Sea, transporting more than 25,000 trailers, 270,000 vehicles and 85,000 tons of machinery and project cargo per year on its current routes between Northern Europe, the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa.

News and image obtained: "Asociación de Navieros Españoles"


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