The quarantined tanker Cielo di Hanoi has to be disinfected to return to sea

The tanker Cielo di Hanoi, which remains anchored in the waters of the Port of Las Palmas as a result of a coronavirus outbreak with three positive cases, will have to be disinfected once the quarantine ends before sailing again. At the moment, a crew member is admitted to the Doctor Negrín hospital; two others, isolated in a lodging establishment in the capital of Gran Canaria, waiting for new tests and the rest of the crew, who have tested negative, are confined on the ship until the second PCR that discards new transmissions.

Disinfection of the ship will be one of the last steps of a protocol based on the International Health Regulations of the WHO, applicable regulations even before arriving at port and that both the Hanoi Sky and the rest of the ships coming from international ports must comply .

The so-called International Maritime Declaration is included in the entry clearance that all ships arriving at the Port of Las Palmas must carry out, a standardized document in which the captain must state the health status of the crew, the place and the date that they embarked and the ports in which the vessel has called over the 30 days prior to its arrival.

The form also includes a questionnaire where it must be specified if there have been cases of infectious diseases, if someone on board has die

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