The world´s widenest ship arrives at the port of Las Palmas to prepare for its Canada campaign

Las Palmas enjoyed this morning with the entrance to port of the imposing Ramform Titan, the vessel with the largest (widenest) sleeve in the world: 70 meters at its stern. The 104-metre long one gives it a unique delta-winged line. The Titan regularly visits the Canary enclave, this time it has been assigned docking at the Santa Catalina pier, in the middle of the city, which has aroused great curiosity.

The Ramform Titan is an offshore exploration vessel of Petroleum Geo-Services specialized in seismic research, a field in which it stands out among the most efficient and powerful in the world. In Las Palmas, the Ramforms are assisted by the consignor Canarship.

It is shaped like a delta wing because it gives the ship great stability, and the large aft mirror, which occupies the highest sleeve, is perfect for the installation and deployment of all seismic research equipment.

The President of the Port Authority of Las Palmas, Luis Ibarra, states that the professionalism and dynamism of the port community are largely the reason for this fidelity of ships and shipping companies, placing the Port of Las Palmas as the fourth most interconnected port in Spain.



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